Thursday, 30 August 2007

His shoes, not his bags

Pierre Hardy's summer 2007 collection has got me in a bit of a fix. I don’t know if I really, really like it or if I really, really don’t. I mean it is after all just his signature “him” again. The duffles don’t really inspire me; the two-tone leather piping thing is verging on the edge of being tacky if I have to be brutally honest and the cross hatching is a little bewildering (why does it remind me of mosquito netting?). However an exception would be some of his shoulder bags (I can’t help but like the black and white one below, it is afterall very cute) and definitely some of his shoes! He has a very wild thing going on with some of his designs but I’ve put up only two pictures of the less fancy ones that I happen to like. The bronze sandal looks likes it’s literally been molded from metal and I love the ankle strap on that chunky autumn-feel heel.
All of this has made feel very ambivalent of his work, but then he goes and creates this wonderful navy ankle boot that is to die-for! It looks so simple from the front, but I love the idea that people may be gawping at the gold heel in the back. It’s so nice to stand out even with your back turned to everyone.

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