Friday, 23 January 2015

just perfect

 photo DavidBenoliel-FGR-1_zpsb3d2a6a3.jpg
 photo DavidBenoliel-FGR-2_zps348bf6e7.jpg
 photo DavidBenoliel-FGR-3_zps92ee0ec4.jpg
 photo DavidBenoliel-FGR-4_zps82fa05e0.jpg
 photo DavidBenoliel-FGR-5_zps74b8ec15.jpg
Source: Photos by David Benoliel for Fashion Gone Rogue

I feel like I'm having a harder time finding editorials that inspire me and subsequently to post on this blog. Maybe it's because I feel like I've seen the same thing over and over again and thus a little jaded about the whole 'fashun' thing in general but the ed above was something that I saw and instantly liked, a rarity nowadays.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I'm currently watching back-to-back episodes of Scandal and I can't stop/won't stop. OH EM GEE is this series GOOD and Olivia Pope's clothes are to die for, seriously. A muted colour palette and overabundance of Prada bags makes me swoon. Truth be told, I only like most of her outfits from season one and two. What about you, do you watch Scandal?
 photo BottegaVenetaS-2015-4_zpsb323e645.jpg
 photo BottegaVenetaS-2015-9_zps72a884a5.jpg
 photo BottegaVenetaS-2015-3_zps3fe1bf2f.jpg
 photo BottegaVenetaS-2015-8_zpsbf7081e6.jpg
 photo BottegaVenetaS-2015-5_zpsadfd1d56.jpg
 photo BottegaVenetaS-2015-2_zps958bedee.jpg
 photo BottegaVenetaS-2015-10_zps672e2541.jpg
 photo BottegaVenetaS-2015-6_zps00d05212.jpg
 photo BottegaVenetaS-2015-1_zpsd4644420.jpg
 photo BottegaVenetaS-2015-7_zps8b0feec0.jpg

Voila. Here is some real-life inspiration in the form of Bottega Veneta's Spring 2015 collection.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Ralph Lauren Spring 2015 Jewellery

 photo RalphLaurenSpring2015RTW-1_zps73497738.jpg
 photo RalphLaurenSpring2015RTW-2_zpscddd22ef.jpg
 photo RalphLaurenSpring2015RTW-3_zps9badc69e.jpg
 photo RalphLaurenSpring2015RTW-4_zps2bee8db9.jpg
 photo RalphLaurenSpring2015RTW-5_zps0c548fb0.jpg
 photo RalphLaurenSpring2015RTW-6_zpse0897fa6.jpg
 photo RalphLaurenSpring2015RTW-7_zps22c7b870.jpg

I didn't get to post again before the year was up, go figure. Anyhow, I thought I'd start the year off with some sparkly, shiny and fun jewellery inspiration from the ready-to-wear Ralph Lauren Spring 2015 collection. I don't know how well this sort of large, rainbow-coloured rhinestone costume jewellery would relate in real life tho. Do you think it's too intense?

Monday, 29 December 2014

blooming bouquet

 photo Miss-dior-perfume_zps7ea95a6c.jpg
Source: my own

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO MY BLOG READERS!!!! I hope you all had a lovely xmas filled with love and family cheer. I basically rolled myself home on Christmas Day after a whole day of eating. HAHA. For xmas I received this Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet EDT. I LURRVE IT. Did you guys get any xmas presents? 

Hopefully I will be able to blog again before the year is up but if not, see you on the flip side!

Monday, 15 December 2014

summer is here!

 photo rosieandcandicerooftopphotoshoot_zpsc8f5b948.jpg
 photo forloveamplemons-summer-2014-lookbook-ZoeyGrossman_zps06b1adbd.jpg
 photo MarloesHorstforMiHJeansSpring2011CampaignbyMagnusKlackenstam-2_zpsf032c08d.jpg
 photo candice_s_zps07d17241.jpg
 photo byLucasPassmore_zpscf18c6fd.jpg
 photo RayanAyashinSchoumlnMagazineno21-1_zps3953f980.jpg
 photo RayanAyashinSchoumlnMagazineno21-2_zps8f9b1fe0.jpg
 photo ElleItalyOctober2014-byMattJones_zps8412d332.jpg
Source: Photos by Lucas Passmore/ Matt Jones for Elle Italy Oct 2014/ Zoey Grossman for Love&Lemons summer 2014 lookbook/ Magnus Klackenstam for MiH Jeans Spring 2011 Campaign/ Rayan Ayash for Schön! Magazine no.21