Sunday, 27 July 2014

dappled sunlight

 photo laurasciacovelliforellefrancejuly2014-1_zpsf51b5606.jpg
 photo laurasciacovelliforellefrancejuly2014-3_zps37645040.jpg
 photo laurasciacovelliforellefrancejuly2014-4_zps6107d040.jpg
 photo laurasciacovelliforellefrancejuly2014-2_zpsea730748.jpg
 photo laurasciacovelliforellefrancejuly2014-5_zpsda194787.jpg
Source: Photos by Laura Sciacovelli for ELLE France July 2014

Here is some stylish beach outfit inspiration for ya! Next time I go to the sea I'll be wearing striped oxford shirts as bikini tops.

Happy Sunday! xoxo

Saturday, 26 July 2014

hot cocoa

 photo wildfox-couture-fall-2014-MarkHunter-5_zpsa77ac87e.jpg
 photo wildfox-couture-fall-2014-MarkHunter-3_zps1524a6d3.jpg
 photo wildfox-couture-fall-2014-MarkHunter-2_zpsca2bfe66.jpg
 photo wildfox-couture-fall-2014-MarkHunter-1_zpsc81d7edb.jpg
 photo wildfox-couture-fall-2014-MarkHunter-4_zps39e20887.jpg
Source: Mark Hunter for Wildfox Couture Fall 2014

It doesn't snow as much as it does in these pictures here in Australia. If it does snow (once in a blue moon) then it sprinkles and melts when it touches the ground. That doesn't mean it doesn't get chilly enough to wrap myself up in blankets and drink a steaming mug of hot chocolate...while watching the pilot episode of LOST...which it precisely what I'm doing right now.

Friday, 25 July 2014

starry night

These look like perfect fairy lights to me.
 photo LightInstallationsbyLeeEunyeol-1_zps4e0babb3.jpg
 photo LightInstallationsbyLeeEunyeol-5_zps5f525bae.jpg
 photo LightInstallationsbyLeeEunyeol-4_zpsbf2df185.jpg
 photo LightInstallationsbyLeeEunyeol-3_zps87bf1c60.jpg
 photo LightInstallationsbyLeeEunyeol-6_zps0be9d196.jpg
 photo LightInstallationsbyLeeEunyeol-2_zps5e591af8.jpg
Source: Lee EunYeol via Colossal

"Photographer Lee EunYeol constructs elaborate light installations that appear as if the night sky was flipped upside down with glowing stars and planets nested inside tall grass or between deep earthen cracks."

Thursday, 24 July 2014

purple rain

 photo MoschinoCheapandChicSS2012-1_zpsf57cf415.jpg
 photo MoschinoCheapandChicSS2012-2_zps9b330231.jpg
Source: Moschino Cheap &  Chic S/S 2012 backstage

Super jealous of this chica's eyes. I can never put on a metallic eye shadow this thick on my eyes because it always ends up looking like I've smeared paste on my lids. Lucky gal.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Secret Garden

 photo sophievanderperreforlofficielparisaugust2014-0_zpse59536cf.jpg
 photo sophievanderperreforlofficielparisaugust2014-5_zpse8b00f2f.jpg
 photo sophievanderperreforlofficielparisaugust2014-3_zps96246aa0.jpg
 photo sophievanderperreforlofficielparisaugust2014-2_zps1d5f9499.jpg
 photo sophievanderperreforlofficielparisaugust2014-4_zps073c59cc.jpg
 photo sophievanderperreforlofficielparisaugust2014-1_zpseb31283f.jpg
Source: Photos by Sophie van der perre for L'officiel Paris August 2014

I love this sixties flashback. The hair, those LV tights and that goldfish tank/backpack hybrid!