Thursday, 21 August 2008

Quite possibly the most perfect tank-top

Since I've got only four more days left of summer holidays before starting second semester I've been living it up the past few days by spending more time outside than I should be spending inside cracking at the books. Bascially, I am shopping up a storm. A week ago I posted a pic about a certain loose, gray t-shirt that got a few people wondering where on earth did I purchase it? That would be at the "Hello apM" building in DongDaeMun. This building is one of my favorite hot-spots for some cheap shopping. I prefer this building to the "Doota" or "Miliore" shopping towers. It also has my favourite store called "Larne" that is located on the relatively new 8th floor of Hello apM.Yesterday, I went over there to purchase a certain black tank-top that I had been eye-ing for a while and it happened to be on sale so I bought it! I have a certain dilemma regarding tank-tops. I can never find the one with the right neckline or the right material, or it happens to be too tight so then I get the bigger size and then the armpits are too get the picture? But this one finally seems to be the right one.

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