Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Can you say awwwwwww

I'm back! Surprisingly I did not stuff myself (with food) as much as I did last year....no traffic as I took the train so it was a good-but short-two days in Daegu. I'm back to slaving away with work and classes but before I go and do something a little more academically productive...I promised that I would give a shout out to my friend Danielle. I had no idea that she was a designer! She specializes in children's wear and men's screen print tees. Check out her Etsy site for some rad shirts, guys. When are you going to make a women's line, Danielle?
I am totally swooning over the cuteness of her Senior Collection. How adorable are the clothes?!!! Check out more of her designs at DaniLiz Children.
p.s I want that red jersey cardigan!!! :P

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