Friday, 22 January 2010

this is the reason why models model

Source: tFS

Uhhhh...yeah I know. You're thinking, OMG, she has such an amaaaaaazing body, while simultaneously wondering, how does that work????? How does she end up coming from the I'm-chosen-to-have-a-naturally-fabulous-body gene pool?
But why not meeeeeeeeee???!
No, but seriously as much as I'm babbling on and such, of course I envy models with bodies like Miranda Kerr but at the same time I'm relatively happy with the body I have.
I wouldn't mind being a smidgen taller though, perhaps another 6 cm?
Let's not take this too hard girlies. Apparently, shorter people are more likely to live longer and are less prone to breast cancer,
Woah whoo!

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