Sunday, 4 September 2011

b a r e n a k e d . r e v e l a t i o n s

Source: Photo
by Seth Sabal/ fashionetc

Every morning I am greeted by Lara Stone in her new Naked Glamour adverts while waiting for my bus in the mornings and later on when I go home. It seems like she is literally everywhere at every stop in Seoul. This and the sudden awareness of my post-summer vacation flabbiness had me finally (nervously) walking over to the local gym for a month's membership (I had been eyeballing it for the past three weeks while it was still under construction). Except I was somehow coerced into paying for the bargain and came out with a yearly. Oh geeeeeeeeeeez.
I know I'm never going to end up like Ms. Stone but my goal from now on is to become more toned, fit and healthy. I am quite amused at myself really- this is sort of a new year's resolution (idea) that has somehow hatched 8 months late. I guess I wasn't ready 8 months before.

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