Monday, 22 July 2013

the J.Crew way

 photo JCrewJune2013catalogue-CassBird1_zps2c751973.jpg
 photo JCrewJune2013catalogue-CassBird4_zps0179a634.jpg
 photo JCrewJune2013catalogue-CassBird5_zpsfbdcb8f7.jpg
 photo JCrewJune2013catalogue-CassBird3_zps6eaf4cc2.jpg
 photo JCrewJune2013catalogue-CassBird2_zpsc1ee41cf.jpg
Source: Photos by Cass Bird for J.Crew June 2013 catalogue

I have a massive soft spot for the preppy, collegiate look. I swear that in at least one of my past lives I was probably an Eton boy. Haha. Anyhow, I absolutely adore J.Crew and whenever I visit their stores in the US, I am always astounded by their use of colour within the shops plus their cute, too cute accessories.

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