Saturday, 21 September 2013

swinging left to right

   photo ThomasWhitesideforElleFranceaug2013-3_zps55f279b3.jpg
 photo ThomasWhitesideforElleFranceaug2013-2_zps301580b8.jpg
 photo ThomasWhitesideforElleFranceaug2013-1_zps6dc08162.jpg
 photo ThomasWhitesideforElleFranceaug2013-4_zpsf440360e.jpg
Source: Photos by Thomas Whiteside for ELLE France Aug 2013
I feel like my style is changing bit by bit or at least swinging around in a different direction. I'm drawn to colours, patterns, textures and lengths of clothing that I wouldn't have necessarily been interested in as much a year or two ago. I find my eyes are wandering more to dresses and skirts when I've always been a pants girl. Yesterday I even went out and bought two pairs of leggings after vowing never to wear them again considering I lived out my whole childhood in them. They're currently just resting on a shelf at the moment and I wonder if I'll end up actually wearing them. I guess you should never say never, huh.

Edit: Crap! I also forgot to add that I bought a pair of clog heels. CLOGS.


Angelina Stroumpouli said...

Changing your style is not bad, as long as you like yourself with the new one.
You could just have avoided buying clogs, that's just too much!

These photos are superb btw!

Many kisses
Angelina -

the style crusader said...

I want to see these clogs!

Totally feel you regarding the changing style. I'm feeling much more drawn to skirts and dresses too. xx