Sunday, 22 December 2013

stylenanda flagship store (홍대점)

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Stylenanda. nanda. nanda.

I'm sure you've heard about Stylenanda by now. It started as one of many online shopping malls in Korea, launching in 2005, and has become frankly, a HUGE brand. Now they have stores all over Korea, in HongKong and Japan plus they sell accessories, make-up and shoes! The other day I visited their flagship store (three floors of goodness) located in Hongdae for the first time since they opened. Stylenanda's aesthetic is not exactly my style per say but they do have a lot of cute stuff if you dig around. I like their basics range and make-up the most. I couldn't walk out of the shop without my cream blusher but almost couldn't get mine because there were so many tourists buying all of it! See, their make-up line (Three Concept Eyes) is very popular in Asia.

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Hélène Heath said...

Ahh i'm sure the shopping in Seoul is beyond amazing. I actually never heard of that label, but those furs look kind of amazing.

Happy holidays xx