Saturday, 12 July 2008

Cheap shopping

Psst...let me tell you a secret. Actually it's hardly a secret but common knowledge, har har, but in Seoul the most affordable shopping places are based underground. Of these, possibly the most famous one is the underground shopping area under the Seoul Express Bus Terminal subway station(line 3). Most of the summer t-shirts, shorts, skirts are priced at 5,000 won (about 5 dollars) to about 15,000 won. Simple shift dresses (the current trend) starting from about 10,000 won and above. Apart from these, we have the usual assortment of random shoes, accessories and jewellery. The prices are cheap and student-friendly, but the styles are a little repetitive with no variety, my only complaint for a person who thrills in buying unique, individual pieces.The key to snagging good items is to take your time and compare prices. The same shoe could be double the price not 100 metres away. Unfortunately, I couldn't take many pictures because I was under the impression that the shopkeepers weren't too keen on my snapping away. In the past week, I've been scouring the underground stores all over Seoul to find something to wear for a friend's wedding. I finally found this ethnic print dress and a black vest. I also bought a blue and white polka-dot print dress that came with a matching bow belt (this I got at an underground store at YeoungDeungPo Station (line 1). I decided to go all-out girly, so the polka-dot number was what I wore to the event.

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