Wednesday, 9 July 2008

A much awaited post

Not long ago I received a delightful email from Armen introducing me to Chavernet Paris, a small fashion house based in Paris. It make my toes feel all tingly when I discover new, little tidbits such as these. Chavernet Paris was forged by two friends who believed in the importance, quality and uniqueness of the Couture. This atelier directly manufactures handmade dresses in Paris devoted to create unique dresses for unique people. After seeing some of the dresses on the website I have to admit that I am quite besotted with all the dresses and those historic, quirky model heads are hands down, just my style.
To take a quotation from the site: "At Chavernet there are no collections, no fashion shows, no advertising, no wild marketing, no standardizations. It is just you, unique woman, going to the Atelier where the motto is.... One dress = one woman."
One dress = one women. I have to say for all the women out there, bravo!

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