Tuesday, 17 August 2010

kick some sand baby

Source: Vogue Paris April 2006, Photos by Mikael Jansson
I'm back. I'm currently writing this post at an internet cafe because the new place I've moved into doesn't have any connection. Over the past two days I've unpacked all my stuff and still managed to squeeze in some shopping. A jersey maxi dress, a couple of tee-shirts, white capris (sooooo into capris at the moment!) and the most comfortable wedges in existence that make me 8cm taller and still leave me smiling at the end of the day.
Can a girl ask for anything more? ;)
The maxi was a little bit of an impulse buy (look a few posts down at MK) and I'm still wondering whether or not I can pull it off. Way to go me for buying it in such a conspicuous colour- coral red.

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