Wednesday, 28 November 2012

gifts for a friend under $40

Thought you might need some gift ideas since it's nearing December after all...remember, you don't have to blow a load of money to get your friend a cute, somewhat practical present. Because inner rim eyeliner is soooo practical, duh.
Source: my own

Bumble and Bumble surf spray/ NARS blush in 'Torrid'/ Crate & Barrel cafe 16 oz mugs/ The Selby is in your place by Todd Selby/ American Eagle cozy lined suede clogs/ Tarte inner rim brightener/ Happy Socks x Madewell socks/ Bath&BodyWorks eucalyptus spearmint candle/ Crate & Barrel acacia chip + dip bowl/ MarcbyMarcJacobs iphone case/ Madewell 1717 olive striped beanies

If you need any specific links just drop me a comment and I'll write back to you.

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