Monday, 12 August 2013

monday chills

When I saw these pictures of Kimberley Gordon's home I definitely had one of those I-wish-my-house-was-like-that moments. 
 photo KimberleyGordonhome-1_zps04bdac63.jpg
 photo KimberleyGordonhome-2_zps58de2191.jpg
 photo KimberleyGordonhome-3_zpsa3aedbb8.jpg
 photo KimberleyGordonhome-4_zpsa3568242.jpg
 photo KimberleyGordonhome-5_zps244f3c45.jpg
 photo KimberleyGordonhome-6_zpsa545cffd.jpg
 photo KimberleyGordonhome-7_zpsc0211978.jpg
 photo KimberleyGordonhome-8_zpsa97dea66.jpg
Source: ilovewildfox

Today we're having really crappy weather in Canberra so I will be drinking copious amounts of coffee and watching Sex and the City again. I'm halfway into season 4 at the moment but am starting to lose interest in the plot line...does it perk up soon?

P.S. And the Topshop Sydney store was just FABULOUS.

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Anonymous said...

i think season 5 is the best!