Tuesday, 22 October 2013

born again

 photo MICHAELTHOMPSON-WMagJuly2006-2_zps5a69fa53.jpg
 photo SeptSelfService-RoeEthridge_zpsbd69665b.jpg
 photo MICHAELTHOMPSON-WMagJuly2006-1_zps050ab02e.jpg
Source: Photos by MichaelThompson for W Mag July 2006/ Roe Ethridge for Self Service 2013
It literally rained all day today. I spent the whole evening re-watching the Bourne Trilogy films back to back, forgettting how good they really were. My head's a blur and that Matt Damon is just amazing isn't he.


Anonymous said...

I also love that trilogy.

Hélène Heath said...

These photos are amazing and so is the Bourne trilogy. Sometimes you kind of just need a rainy, right?