Sunday, 19 January 2014

Wildfox SS 2014 White Label

 photo WildfoxSS2014WHITELABEL-MarkHunter-1_zps7a27142a.jpg
 photo WildfoxSS2014WHITELABEL-MarkHunter-2_zpse7a2b260.jpg
 photo WildfoxSS2014WHITELABEL-MarkHunter-3_zps30a3a9ad.jpg
 photo WildfoxSS2014WHITELABEL-MarkHunter-4_zpsd3da556d.jpg
 photo WildfoxSS2014WHITELABEL-MarkHunter-5_zpsa55900d3.jpg
  photo WildfoxSS2014WHITELABEL-MarkHunter-6_zpsa265c0ec.jpg
 photo WildfoxSS2014WHITELABEL-MarkHunter-7_zpsc3e1456c.jpg photo WildfoxSS2014WHITELABEL-MarkHunter-8_zpsb3d73c80.jpg
Source: Photos by Mark Hunter for Wildfox SS 2014 White Label

Someone please just get me that dolphin sweater. I mean. Seriously.

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the style crusader said...

Super gorgeous and so dreamy. Totally with you on the dolphin sweater... but wishing even more that I could just get onto a beach! xx