Sunday, 30 March 2014


 photo LrsquoOfficielMexicobyAndrewYee-april2014-5_zps5f701132.jpg
 photo LrsquoOfficielMexicobyAndrewYee-april2014-1_zps519bcd47.jpg
 photo LrsquoOfficielMexicobyAndrewYee-april2014-3_zpsd26cb24f.jpg
 photo LrsquoOfficielMexicobyAndrewYee-april2014-2_zpsfe37619b.jpg
 photo LrsquoOfficielMexicobyAndrewYee-april2014-4_zpsc9a90631.jpg
Source: Photos by Andrew Yee for L’Officiel Mexico April 2014

OMG, this jewellery editorial is just mind-blowing! Love all the mixed elements, turquoise and different textures. I have a huge soft spot for lucite done just right as well.

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