Monday, 23 June 2014

Pitti Uomo 86

Blue is definitely BIG this season. I think this shade of blue is fabulous for Summer, so visually cool and un-stuffy.
 photo PittiUomo86-7_zpsba7226b0.jpg
 photo PittiUomo86-2_zps585e604c.jpg
 photo PittiUomo86-4_zpsc2e07df5.jpg
 photo PittiUomo86-3_zps5269c7c4.jpg
 photo PittiUomo86-6_zpsc1e8a35c.jpg
 photo PittiUomo86-1_zps51d2234c.jpg
 photo PittiUomo86-5_zps498b3bc5.jpg
Source: Le21eme

Do you think the gentleman above is wearing camo Kevlar? If so, HOW FREAKIN COOL IS THAT?!!!

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