Monday, 2 June 2014


 photo Bayleyhouse-1_zps0ce90404.jpg
 photo Bayleyhouse-5_zps650e62c0.jpg
 photo Bayleyhouse-7_zpsf3912f77.jpg
 photo Bayleyhouse-4_zps2cc3d336.jpg
 photo Bayleyhouse-8_zpsf6a12aca.jpg
 photo Bayleyhouse-9_zps6f753e62.jpg
 photo Bayleyhouse-6_zpsb42ade2a.jpg
 photo Bayleyhouse-3_zps802aad4d.jpg
 photo Bayleyhouse-2_zps42b10f15.jpg

Nowadays I'm more interested in flipping through interior magazines on furnishing houses and choosing the perfect throw rug than clothes and such. I love the vibrancy and character of this Brisbane family home. I believe this is what you call, Pinterest-worthy.

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