Saturday, 26 July 2014

hot cocoa

 photo wildfox-couture-fall-2014-MarkHunter-5_zpsa77ac87e.jpg
 photo wildfox-couture-fall-2014-MarkHunter-3_zps1524a6d3.jpg
 photo wildfox-couture-fall-2014-MarkHunter-2_zpsca2bfe66.jpg
 photo wildfox-couture-fall-2014-MarkHunter-1_zpsc81d7edb.jpg
 photo wildfox-couture-fall-2014-MarkHunter-4_zps39e20887.jpg
Source: Mark Hunter for Wildfox Couture Fall 2014

It doesn't snow as much as it does in these pictures here in Australia. If it does snow (once in a blue moon) then it sprinkles and melts when it touches the ground. That doesn't mean it doesn't get chilly enough to wrap myself up in blankets and drink a steaming mug of hot chocolate...while watching the pilot episode of LOST...which it precisely what I'm doing right now.

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