Friday, 25 July 2014

starry night

These look like perfect fairy lights to me.
 photo LightInstallationsbyLeeEunyeol-1_zps4e0babb3.jpg
 photo LightInstallationsbyLeeEunyeol-5_zps5f525bae.jpg
 photo LightInstallationsbyLeeEunyeol-4_zpsbf2df185.jpg
 photo LightInstallationsbyLeeEunyeol-3_zps87bf1c60.jpg
 photo LightInstallationsbyLeeEunyeol-6_zps0be9d196.jpg
 photo LightInstallationsbyLeeEunyeol-2_zps5e591af8.jpg
Source: Lee EunYeol via Colossal

"Photographer Lee EunYeol constructs elaborate light installations that appear as if the night sky was flipped upside down with glowing stars and planets nested inside tall grass or between deep earthen cracks."

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