Saturday, 18 October 2014

gone girl

 photo by-Henrik-Buumllow-For-Eurowoman-Nov-2014-1_zpsc2ad7aa8.jpg
 photo by-Henrik-Buumllow-For-Eurowoman-Nov-2014-2_zps2e664229.jpg
 photo by-Henrik-Buumllow-For-Eurowoman-Nov-2014-4_zps93563ce8.jpg
 photo by-Henrik-Buumllow-For-Eurowoman-Nov-2014-5_zps0a75f305.jpg
 photo by-Henrik-Buumllow-For-Eurowoman-Nov-2014-3_zpsd05efded.jpg
Source: Photos by Henrik Bülow for Eurowoman Nov 2014

I'm going to the movies to see Gone Girl right now. I heard it's really good~~

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Hélène Heath said...

This story is so damn good, i can't even.

xx Hélène