Saturday, 15 September 2007

Dress inspirations

I was checking out Tadashi Shoji on and I discovered this absolutely divine dress. The fit and the colour is unbelievable, it's like looking at the sky & the sea at the same time! Plus I've always loved gradation!This other one is a baby blue sequin dress that is similar to the Alice & Olivia sequin dresses that are all the rage on celebs at the moment. Both of these outifts are perfect for when you want to feel fresh and girly!
On the other hand, if I wanted to go about in my 'power mode' I'd want to slip into this black Elise Overland outift with the peep-toes, chunky bracelets, and the upturned collar.
I'm also posting this pic because I like the long ribbon on this bolero-jacket because it reminded me of the 'jeogori' of my Korean hanbok and if I had it I'd plan to tie the ribbon exactly as I would with my hanbok for an interesting effect :)

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