Saturday, 12 April 2008

Life is everyday drama

Apologies for the spontaneous posts these days. My computer completely burnt itself literally speaking, because the hard drive just died and I've lost a good number of pics and documents. As to the said Meester picture below, I myself am shaking my head at the meager attempt of photoshop-ing and wow did I do a crap job of it. Will find the time to master the wonders of the program later on when I have MORE. TIME. A few things have been happening lately that have made my life so much more busier and tiring. I got loads of comments on those black, two-strap sandal flats that I posted about earlier. They have arrived but sadly I cannot wear them at the present moment because my hurt ankle is in a semi-cast. If I wear the flats my height is too imbalanced so it's only comfy loafers for the time being. That's right, acupuncture and ecetera was apparently not enough for my foot so off I went to the hospital the day before yesterday and the result is me using one crutch and limping around. Very grumpy indeed. It seems that it wasen't just a simple sprain but a partial tear of my ligament!!! Now my arm and now my armpit is aching like crazy because I'm not used to the crutches and I've got people staring at me on the subway and on the bus (have you never seen anyone in crutches people!!???!) and me trying (more like hopping) to make it to 8:30 am classes in morning traffic is not making me a happy duckie at all. And today is that time of the month and these cramps are driving me up the wall, I'm so riddled up with painkillers that sometimes work and sometimes don't and this fact is really annoying too especially as I'm trying to study for exams this week and plus I'll be moving this Saturday so I've got packing boxes and studying AND my leg to tend to that is in a cast for the next two weeks!!!!!! And there is the possibility that I will not be able to wear heels for a long time (HORROR OF HORRORS!, people!) Grrrr......very annoyed and SAD at the moment. I'm not even supposed to be on the computer at the moment but I feel as if I'm too stressed and in too much in pain to concentrate on study tonight. I will probably not be able to go back on the computer for a while until everything quiets down a bit and AFTER I move living spaces. I'll leave you with these pics of freckle-face Bar Raphaeli modeling for Accessorize. I actually popped in a week before the lovely foot-cast days to check some stuff out and these bright coloured pics do cheer me up a little bit as I should be frolicking under the cherry blossoms at this very minute but here I am, stuck at home. I am so aching for the beach right now.
See you in a bit. ;(

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