Saturday, 5 April 2008

Part 2: Seoul Fashion Week F/W 08-09

Thank you all for trying to help me decide on which colour clutch I should be getting. I still haven't made my decision, I think I'll take this weekend to mull over a bit more. I am leaning towards the blue-silver one though because like you say it will match with a wider variety of outfits.Anyhow, let me continue rambling on about what I got up to at Seoul Fashion Week. After seeing the Y&M Yang Sung Sook runway show (timing wise, runway shows are SO short!) I got to see the installations which were held in the other exhibition hall. They had set up all these little booths with the showcased designers where we could see some of the clothes up close and personal. Clothes are even more interesting when seen closer and appreciated for every little detail. Obviously there was a huge business area where all the transactions were made but I was skirting around that area because I had a feeling that major money was rolling out of people's pockets. Also featured were some new designers and brands that came from outside the whole Fashion Week sphere. I snapped a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.There was one lovely lady who was in charge of a booth and luckily for me, she agreed for a photo. She has some awesome clothes on, non?I already can't wait for the Spring/Summer collections this October!!!

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