Thursday, 24 April 2008

Rolling around in the grass

ARGH!!! Why do these exams NEVER end!!!???!! I thought today would be the last day of tests but it turns out that two more have been scheduled for next week, the delight! -_- I've been neglecting everything the last few weeks blogging-clothes-eating after finally moving to a new place and hurting my foot a while back, which by the way I thought today was THE day for removing my semi-cast but coming back from the I have a harder and proper cast that I have to wear for another two weeks! It's so frustrating to go out and about in crutches I tell you, I'm so unhappy.The picture above is of a fantastic girl because of three reasons: she is in her Chucks frolicking in the grass (which I should be doing this very moment!!!!), has a pixie-cut hairstyle that is dangerously making me feel as if it is WAY too hot right now and that I should hack off my lengthening hair and thirdly because her shirt-tying knot business is lookin' good. Not to fond of the ciggy though. Bear with me, more interesting posts will be coming soon. Hopefully!

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