Saturday, 29 March 2008

Part 1: Seoul Fashion Week F/W 08-09

Well I'm back. Two exams and four trips to the acupuncturists is rapidly curing my severely sprained ankle. This was the first time for me in resorting to some sort of Chinese Medicine plus I'm not so fond of needles you see...but apparently for sprained ankles and joints and what not acupuncture is the way to go (dad and the grandma says it too!) and from first hand experience I can tell you that this is rightly so. What would have taken a month to properly heal has been achieved in about a week and a half. Anyways, you're probably dying to hear about what I got up to at the Seoul Collection where I managed to attend one runway show. Did the GossipGirl pictures happen to distract you while I was away? (am fully hooked by the way, after three episodes I totally agree that the fashion is outstanding). Seoul Fashion Week has been held at the SETEC center (before it was at COEX) twice a year since 2001. It was an initiative created by the Seoul Fashion Center(SFC) and the Korea Fashion Association as a means to boost interest in Korean fashion, promote fashion industry and to provide an opportunity for Korean designers to allure domestic and foreign buyers. What I love about this is the fact that the shows are open to the public. Purchase a ticket and you're in to see the show of your choice providing there's space after all the VIPs and buyers have taken their places. But it's still better than not attending at all right? I don't see many everyday people seeing the shows at Bryant Park and welcomed with open arms.
So, who did I see?I was almost late for the Y&M Yang Sung Sook show because of the darn foot being sprained an hour beforehand. I arrived limping and much too late for a better seat than the one I got so this is the reason for all the dodgy pics above because my camera stinks (my apologies). The guest card was wonderfully hooked around the neck of a bottle of H2O explaining the theme of the collection, materials used, inspiration ecetera (would've liked to have shown you but camera is a battery-eating monster). For the moment make do with this.The important bits are in English. The reason why I picked this particular show was actually quite simple. The reason being because of time restrictions, exams and the fact that I was unaware of many of the designers shown (let's face it, they're not THAT well known- it's not Milan here people). I myself was aware of only a handful of local designers. So I picked this particular one because the words: WOOL, CASHMERE and GRADATION stood out to me in her materials description (checked it out on the web beforehand). And I'm glad I did. I LOVED the gradation she used on her skirts, the puffiness of her coats, the folding on the necklines and the backline were just as interesting as the front (the back is VERY important to moi). I wanted all her accessories- the clutch bags and shoe textures were fabulous. The show also reminded me yet again of how important the models are in presenting the clothes and the image of the brand. There was a certain Caucasian model who walked almost feet first at a 70 degree angle. Maybe it's that particular model's "walk" but it didn't work for me as a viewer watching that model work the clothes (I was more distracted by herself). Again sorry for the pictures, I leave you with some pics of the collection taken by the official press who have much better photo graphical talents than me and BETTER SEATS! (I'll update part 2 soon)

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