Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Scandal of one thousand days

I've already had a lot of feedback from a lot of people that MY most-awaited film of the year- "The Other Boleyn Girl" based on the novel by Philippa Gregory is a total flop. How disappointing! I loved the book so much I just re-read it again to recollect my memories before I actually watch the film (it comes out on the 20th of March in Korea). Why my obsession? I am totally in love with period dramas, films, art, books...I think it's fascinating to observe lifestyles of different ages. It's the eloquent clothes, the witty speech! Who doesn't want to speak around in circles to make a point for minutes on end?! My absolute favourite is the BBC series of 'Pride and Prejudice' that was on the tele a while back. Did anyone see it? (Darcy was played by the scrumptious Colin Firth!) Anyhow, countries tend to release the same Hollywood movies but with different titles (for what purpose than to make it more appropriate for audiences of that country??!!! I suppose)? Ours is quite inappropriately named "Scandal of one thousand days" (literally translated) it totally blows off the idea about who's the who of the Boleyn girls which is an integral part of the story. I also think that they may have poorly cast the role of King Henry VIII. Eric Bana is a fantastic actor but I was thinking of someone with more volatile a character and perhaps a bit more copper-haired! They should have cast a 'nobody' to play the part.Natalie Portman looks fab in the French court-styled dresses, non? I think the emerald colour is gorgeous, a little vivid for those times but still beautiful. So what do the others think? I'm still going to watch the movie, it has two of my fave actresses in it for crying out loud but what are your opinions of the book or movie if you've read or seen it, or even if you haven't?

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