Sunday, 9 March 2008

Joyful tears

Speaking of collaborations, guess what I found out? Please do not refrain from squealing in delight here. I shop quite a lot at Uniqlo (they have some awesome basics for the wardrobe!)
and I love Alexander Wang! How much did I enjoy the grungyness of his Fall 08' collection...A LOT!!!

Uniqlo + Alexander Wang = Pure ecstacy

Yes, if you still haven't caught on, he will be designing a capsule collection for the one and only! Apparently the collection will be a tiny 8-piecer and sold ONLY during May of this year with prices between $29-$79 dollars! How fabulous is that?!!! This is where I can't squeal without's only happening in the US.

Oh, you lucky Americans...give Target Australia some slack, eh? :P

EDIT: Wonderful news! Apparently it will be available in the UK too!

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