Friday, 7 November 2008

Seoul Fashion Week Recap: Part 2

On Friday I saw the Gissen show and on the following day I saw the Enzuvan (by Kwak Hyun Joo) Spring/Summer '09 collection.
"A walk in the woods" is how I would describe the collection. I loved the floppy hats and sequined caps. The clothes also looked totally comfortable, I'd just walk off the runway wearing them.
Wuh? No more pictures?!!! Let's just say that I gave up taking live shots due to my lousy camera. The other pics are from the Seoul Collection site. Below: coffee before the show.
This time I made sure to get there really early and I got a third row seat (yesterday I had to stand because I got there too late), so yeah! You're probably curious to know what I ended up wearing to the show. The weekend before I bought a pair of cheap, navy blue jeans and I ripped them up to get the "Martin Margiela" effect. But as you can see, I wanted to cut them up differently and not just slash away. So I did a sort of geometrical descending triangle pattern. Ah, and I paired them with my black Walkers, blue blazer and black turtleneck. My dad still asked me why my pants were ripped though. I told him it was all fashion, dad. He totally smiled.

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