Wednesday, 16 April 2014

wild orchids

 photo ToniMaticevskiRTW-SS1415-1_zps02335f42.jpg
 photo ToniMaticevskiRTW-SS1415-2_zps8384a503.jpg
 photo ToniMaticevskiRTW-SS1415-4_zps62893daa.jpg
 photo ToniMaticevskiRTW-SS1415-3_zps6e6b19a8.jpg
 photo ToniMaticevskiRTW-SS1415-6_zpsf4f50f28.jpg
Source: Toni Maticevski S/S 2014-15

I don't know if you're up to speed with the collections at Australian fashion week but the floral presentations hanging out of the models' mouths at Toni Maticevski were just stunning.

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J. said... looks good but it seems like it would have been sort of...distracting? However, the clothing is fabulous