Tuesday, 6 May 2014

seoul life

I've been enjoying city life these last couple of weeks since I have a flight back to Australia at the end of this week. Since this will be a permanent move, I've spent the majority of my time away from the computer and instead hanging with friends, eating good food and wandering around the streets of Seoul. Here are a few pictures of what I've been up to: the Yeido Cherry Blossom Festival.
  photo seoullife-8_zps2c5604c2.jpg
A week later and all the trees are as green as can be.
 photo seoullife-6_zps8121a596.jpg
Korean traditional-style buildings in Insadong.
 photo seoullife-9_zps86cbfbdc.jpg
At a Japanese teppanyaki in Hongdae.
 photo seoullife-4_zps6a8179ee.jpg
The line at my local Starbucks (peep at winter street style)
 photo seoullife-10_zpsae572c2b.jpg
At Harvest, in Namsan. My new favourite eating place. It's the cutest little restaurant where they grow their own natural herbs and flowers they use in their food.
 photo seoullife-3_zpsbb13d519.jpg
Ricotta cheese and roast pumpkin salad at Harvest.
 photo seoullife-2_zps5f5553cd.jpg
Trying out the latest department store ice-cream craze. Softree milk with honeycomb chips.
 photo seoullife-5_zpse940d245.jpg
My Pimm's cup at ELBONthetable in Itaewon.
 photo seoullife-1_zps0b5e32e7.jpg
Cute white top I saw in Zara. Eyelet lace and embroidery is a big Spring trend in Seoul right now.
 photo seoullife-7_zpse7b3f06c.jpg
Now on to packing my suitcase...

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loves japan, loves seoul and loves this post are awesome ;)