Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Blake at Cannes

 photo Blake-Lively-Cannes-GucciPremiegravere-3_zps2b0f921c.jpg
 photo Blake-Lively-Cannes-GucciPremiegravere-2_zps3485a083.jpg
 photo Blake-Lively-Cannes-GucciPremiegravere-4_zpsec370a46.jpg
 photo Blake-Lively-Cannes-GucciPremiegravere-1_zpsbb360d21.jpg
Source: tFS

Blake Lively wore a Gucci Première dress at the Cannes Film Festival this year. What I really liked about this look overall was her hairstyle since I really love the chunky, super-long ponytail braid look. I think the messiness of it balances out the elegance and stiffness of the whole red-carpet affair nicely.

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Lola said...

blake lively is total perfection

love her hair like this, wish i could get the messy plaited look right xx