Tuesday, 2 February 2010


I've been a little distracted lately because I moved again and all the packing, unpacking, cleaning and rearranging things has taken up a lot of my time this past week so I know that my posts have been lacking a certain depth of mind and soul. I apologize for that.

The other day I was scouring the internet for the Feb. issue of Paris Vogue and I came across the monthly EnVogue spread.
Literally, my jaw dropped when I saw it for the first time.

I have a huge passion for denim so I'm loving the denim on denim trend that's starting up everywhere. I like this look even more because it's a combo that I can't pull off (it totally washes me out). I tend to covet things that are hard to pull off by myself.
The other reason why I like this spread is the vibrancy, colour and energy of the 70s/80s that Geraldine Saglio has incorporated to create a hybrid-modern day look. Perfect inspiration for injecting a bit of colour to my outfits with bling accessories during these cold, winter months.
And finally, who doesn't like a bit of Farrah Fawcett hair?

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