Wednesday, 3 February 2010


It was -11 degrees today....brrrr so cold! It might be nothing for you Canadians but I have no patience when my fingers feel like they're about to fall off! Anyways, I like to start my day with a cuppa at my nearby Starbucks when it's freezing outside so off I went for my caffeine fix but it turns out that they raised their prices.
I was really peeved.
The only reason why I go to Starbucks and not any other cafe in Seoul is because they have competitive prices. I'm telling you, there ARE HEAPS of coffee shops in Seoul. It's not like Starbucks doesn't have enough money already, you know?
There. My little rant is over.
I thought it would be appropriate to post this pic of Lara Stone giving her FIERCE face.
Source: Photo by Philip Riche
I was one grumpy, cappuccino lady today.

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