Monday, 5 November 2007

Delta Force

Finally blogger is up and running! It seems the system has been down over here for the last five days but I'm so happy that everything is alright again. Tis' an unusual to feel consciously blog deprived, it really is a peculiar feeling! Has anyone else been having problems, I wonder???Today, I'm going to blab about one of my fav Aussie singers, Delta Goodrem, AGAIN!!! You probably know that her new cd has come out. Above is the pic for her awesome new album cover. The other pics are also from her album and she looks so natural and gorgeous in every picture, I swear I would love to get acquainted with her make-up artist!If you haven't heard any of her songs, you really should check them out!
Songs to check out: the funky 'In this Life', 'Possessionless', the catchy 'Bare Hands', inspirational 'The Guardian'...her ballads are heaven! You can here snippets of the songs on her official site.
Isn't she such a gorgeous girl?!!! Here she is at the Arias in Australia with Nicole Kidman. I'm not too sure about the outfit on her though, I think it makes her look a bit stiff and robotic, but great hair! On the other hand, Ms. Kidman (or Mrs. Urban?) looks fab in an understated black lace dress.

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