Friday, 23 November 2007

I heart knits

Let's face the facts, if you open my wardrobe you will see that I own a lot of knitwear. I think that knits are the most versatile, easy-to-wear, chic yet simple and interesting pieces of clothing. Combine another thing I adore, hand-made goods + knitwear and I will faint in delight. Beanies, mittens, gloves, cardigans.....that's why I love knits to the death!
Here is a project I started on a while ago, the picture to the left is a work-in-progress. Uh....if you delve deeper into my wardrobe you can pretty much guess that yep, I own a lot of scarfs too and not just the knitted types...But when the weather starts to get chilly, my mind just absent mindedly ponders over this season's neckwear. I fell in love with the United Colors of Benetton chain scarf when it came out a while back.Remember these gorgeous pictures? I love Benetton ads, they are so creative & colourful.
I was wondering if I should attempt to make a chain link scarf on my own as a DIY but I figured it would take way too much time, so it's just a normal scarf this time.

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