Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Flaming red

You know that question you come across in those self-quizzes- Who would you be if you could trade your place with a person for one day? - then I would shamelessly and vainly reply, ' a red head'. I love red hair, I think it's just unexplainably absolutely amazing.
It can't be helped that red-haired people are also just naturally beautiful, I think it is quite unfair that they happen to exhibit and represent the high ended portion of the good-looking population.
Take Julianne Moore for instance, she is drop dead gorgeous.Marcia Cross' (of course highlighted but nevertheless) copper tresses stop me in my tracks whenever I see a scene in 'Desperate Housewives'.
A picture of this handsome unknown taken by The Sartorialist. I swear, I scrutinized those curls for minutes on end.
I loved Lindsay Lohan when she was a redhead in her 'Parent Trap' and 'Mean Girls' days. Forget blond bombshell, fiery red is always a head turner!The reason I watched 'Spiderman' was because of MJ's hair (Kirsten Dunst)- NOT! :PAnother beauty is Bryce Dallas Howard, whose good looks parallel her remarkable acting skills.
But my favourite redhead of all time is of course, Ronald Weasley. But give me Rupert Grint anyday, yes please!

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