Monday, 19 November 2007

Pecan pie anyone?

Normally I don't mind the rain, I actually like jumping about in the puddles like a kid. It's a similar feeling to tramping around in the fallen leaves during Autumn, but slightly wetter! However, when the sodding rain starts to pour, then stop and then start pouring cats and dogs in intervals- me without an umbrella and wearing very expensive suede boots- I get quite grumpy. I dove headfirst into a nearby coffee shop soaking wet from head to toe into, you know, one of those overpriced coffee chain franchises. As with 'Angel in-us coffee', I was very unimpressed with the inflated prices yet appreciated the quiet atmosphere and while munching on my slice I couldn't help but admire the cute logo and was quite amused reading the boastful 'the world's best coffee'. Wait didn't Starbucks say something like that a while back? or was that Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or Cafe Pascucci?

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