Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Advent Countdown: 19th of December

For some reason, I really like this bag. People say that it looks somewhat like srunched-up, scraggly plastic bag but I think it's quite unique in all it's little ways, or should I say big (?) because it is quite a big bag. I was pleasantly suprised to see that the Louis Vuitton Olympe Nimbus GM in

milky gray was currently on the arms of Hilary Duff and a certain Miss Miller. It looks good on them, non? I'm not really into following all the "it" bags, so I was a little disappointed that it finally wound up on a celebrity, but considering all the ambivalent feelings, I think it's still safe from paparazzi-exploitation. Louis Vuitton Olympe Nimbus in Ecru was the original one that I liked after seeing it in the Louis Vuitton ads, but the milky blue is nice too. Personally, I think the bags would look better in person, what do you think?

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