Thursday, 6 December 2007

Advent Countdown: 6th of December

I have to say I love the waist slimming effect of this Petite Double-cloth Dover coat ($239.99) on the left. This would be perfect paired with shiny patent leather boots in.....striking RED? Has anyone had experince in wearing white-coloured coats? I don't usually buy very light-coloured outer garments because I think that they're a huge bother trying to keep clean all the time. What do you say?
I think this is an excellent alternative to wearing one of those high-collared coats that are all the rage in Seoul at the moment. Take this Visit in New York Half-coat for example, below (Korean brand). I'm quite bored with them already, trust me it's not intersting when you go on campus and see every other girl in one of these type of coats, not to mention all the department stores... If you really need that high collar, I think there's nothing more sophisticated than upturning a normal collared coat (like in the style above). However, I have to admit that Hayden Panettiere looks smashing in hers with loud buttons, though I much prefer her gold peep-toe Christian Louboutins.

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