Friday, 28 December 2007

Friday I'm In Love back. I must say that I deserve a good self-pat on the back for consistently updating my advent countdown this past month, juggling blogging and exams and academic work is quite the task! Looking back on my posts I'm quite amused with the fact that I constantly posted about my longing for new handbags and shoes. I am quite the shoe fanatic! All is fairly quiet on the blogging front right now, I'm pretty sure everyone is busy with family, holidays and preparing for New Year's. Today I was roaming around the net and I came across the now not-so-new but new issue of Preen magazine (Issue 5) and it is quite appropriate that I post this up since it is quite a nonchalant Friday afternoon...Tis' Friday and I'm in love.....with this picture. I wish my future house will have nice, big, glass windows such as these. I would love to spend my afternoon on a window sill looking at the scenery...wearing those Chloe boots.
Actually now I think about it, I want this whole house.

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