Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Angelic lightbulbs & butterfinger pancakes

I feel a countdown coming. Two days left till my official birthday and I age another year. I know I always feel super special on 'my' day but I can't help being a tad grumpy about aging (sorry to whine about it). Anyways, I also know that since it's the holidays I am bloating like a bullfrog from stuffing myself with carbs all day. Today I had a lovely, nice-and-early birthday dinner with a close friend and because she said I should pick the place where we should eat out, I couldn't help choose another brunch cafe. I hope I'm not giving you the impression that I am one of those city-obsessed, Sex and the City-lover type of girl who spends her bucks on expensive brunches and Starbucks because I really don't! I just happened to feel like eating something rich to satisfy my sweet tooth so I picked Butterfinger Pancakes in Apkujung (압구정). Yes, my world is topsy turvy- I felt like eating brunch for dinner and so we did. This was the first time in my life I ate crepes. Crepe Suzette anyone? Coffee was at some modern cafe called 'Take Urban'. I had something made from a Costa Rican blend. The most interesting part of the shop was stuck to the ceiling. I thought to myself that: "those are definitely some cute lightbulbs". But the best part of the night was the sentimental gift ;) Check back tomorrow and I'll show you what it is.

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