Friday, 22 February 2008

Smelling happy

Well, I promised to show you what was in the birthday box so here it is. It's perfume by my favourite Ralph Lauren! It was a complete surprise for me, I truly had no idea.'Lauren Style' smells citrus-like and musky. Further research tells me that vanilla, gardenia and magnolia are the other key components and surprisingly I am not sneezing it all away (very glad I'm not!) because strong fragrances tend to make me sneeze and scrunch my nose up in a funny way. Since we're on the topic of perfume, I'm wondering what your favourite scent is? My nose can handle: Chanel No.5, Poison by Christian Dior, Poeme by Lancome (my mother's scent!), Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel and Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden. I have a really hard time picking the right scent for myself and I never end up getting any of the 'heavy-stuff' but opt for Eau de Toilettes that are light (but the problem with these is that the smell almost disappears as fast as you spritz it). Are there any other perfumes you could suggest for me to get in the future and that you think my nose could handle?

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