Monday, 25 February 2008

Canine cafe

Here are the pictures that I took when I went to Cafe Bau House, which is a dog cafe situated in HongDae (홍대). A dog cafe is literally a cafe where you can have drinks and easy food while you hang out with the dogs who just wander around, sleep around, climb-on-the-chairs around- the whole cafe doing what they please. The dogs are owned by the owner of the cafe (some were probably strays) but occasionally there are dogs who are being baby-sat or hotel guests too. Aren't they handsome fellas and girlies? Overall, it's a great place to hang out and play with small and BIG, fluffy canines for dog-lovers (like me!). I tried not to chuckle too much about the arbeit students who are principally there to sponge up the continual flow of pee pee off the floors! :D

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