Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Céline Fall 2013 collection

 photo celinefall2013-1_zps332fcc9c.jpg
 photo celinefall2013-3_zpsa930c133.jpg
 photo celinefall2013-4_zps9b84ee8f.jpg
 photo celinefall2013-2_zps0b1fb8a8.jpg
 photo celinefall2013-5_zps30a07089.jpg
 photo celinefall2013-6_zpse7621e6d.jpg
 photo celinefall2013-8_zps2eeadc43.jpg
 photo celinefall2013-7_zps71d68a22.jpg
Source: Céline Fall 2013 via StuddedHearts

It's officially autumn in Oz right now. I've just unpacked all my stuff including summer clothes but I don't think I can wear any of it. Looking to the most recent Céline runway for new layering inspo. The simplicity of this collection is just beautiful, it gives me the warm fuzzies thinking about owning one of those coats.


Kas and Blue said...

Amazing color blocks and color combinations!!! Love the skirts!


mens yellow dress shoes said...

ooh this is lovely, I also love this blog!!

the style crusader said...

Yummy. It's so good.

It's finally getting into being summer over here. I'm so happy not to have to layer! xx

Lust Covet Desire said...

I'm almost jealous that you get to wear coats right now.

hélène said...

I know it's as old as time, but i still find it so strange that our seasons are completely inverted... while i can't get enough of summer images and beach shots, you're looking at the to-die-for fall céline collection! No wonder you aussies are always ahead of the curb ;)

Summer T-shirts said...

Awesome collection, thanks for sharing with us. Loved the color combinations. All the colours are light but they spark in combination.