Tuesday, 14 May 2013

my instagram2

 photo IG1_zpsd33c852e.jpg
 photo IG3_zps56bee8c3.jpg
 photo IG4_zps1e6c7f9f.jpg
 photo IG5_zps18874d21.jpg
 photo IG2_zps9d713f34.jpg
 photo IG7_zps0cbc5de8.jpg
 photo IG6_zps439a6c67.jpg
 photo IG10_zpsf2c4fb68.jpg
 photo IG9_zps3878f13f.jpg
 photo IG8_zpsf162627e.jpg

I'm back in Australia now so I'll be posting a lot more images of home!
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Kas and Blue said...

Great snaps!! We've posted shoot numer 2 of our new it boy! check it out!!



mens yellow dress shoes said...

What beautiful images, thanks so much for sharing! I agree the dark tones of the images are amazing and it's such a lovely view into their life.