Saturday, 25 May 2013

minimal decor

 photo DerekSwalwell1_zps2e27a5bb.jpg
 photo DerekSwalwell2_zpsad19aeaa.jpg
 photo DerekSwalwell4_zpse71f0504.jpg
 photo DerekSwalwell3_zps4c428c80.jpg
 photo DerekSwalwell5_zpsaf9e09aa.jpg
 photo DerekSwalwell6_zps6039b913.jpg
Source: Photos by Derek Swalwell from desiretoinspire

Nowadays I find myself popping into home decor shops at the mall probably because I'm back in my old room now with a proper bed and I want to spruce things up a bit. I have a new bedspread, sheets and now my eyes are wandering to other accessories like furry rugs, colourful throws and cushions. I'm also envisioning a (pink?) sheepskin strewn across the floor. I really like the minimalist decor featured in the images above, such fresh inspiration. How is your bedroom decorated?

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