Wednesday, 3 April 2013

freja beja

 photo FREJA_zps755c649e.jpg
 photo freja-SpurMagazine_zps94d1f36a.jpg
 photo freja-byInezampVinoodhforVogueParisMay2011_zpsb7774c16.jpg
 photo freja-lily_zps5c85b455.jpg
 photo frejabeja_zpseca93bce.jpg
 photo Freja-modelsdotcom_zps5047002f.jpg
 photo Freja-fromato12thblogspot_zpsdcc8e9ff.jpg
Source: tFS

Where'd you go?


Sandra Martinez said...

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This is a great post, lovely :)
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Jessica Penny said...

Freja has been my favourite model for years now. She is absolutely stunning (that bone structure!), and her personal style just oozes cool.
Lovely post