Wednesday, 17 April 2013

sailor made

 photo carlottamanaigoforelleitaliamay2013-3_zps4ca90313.jpg
 photo carlottamanaigoforelleitaliamay2013-2_zps4975aa84.jpg
 photo carlottamanaigoforelleitaliamay2013-1_zps8e961d97.jpg
 photo carlottamanaigoforelleitaliamay2013-7_zps2af76746.jpg
 photo carlottamanaigoforelleitaliamay2013-4_zpsa48f93db.jpg
 photo carlottamanaigoforelleitaliamay2013-5_zpsf3e1f1f6.jpg
 photo carlottamanaigoforelleitaliamay2013-6_zps24a628c6.jpg
Source: Photos by Carlotta Manaigo for Elle Italia May 2013

Seriously, how cute is this editorial! I just want to jump ship and haul myself to Santorini. Have any of you been to Greece before? I also would love to visit Mykonos too!

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